When I teach my classes a high professional standard is important to me. I like to involve humour, small anecdotes, historical knowledge and philosophy. In my classes we have occasional debates about femininity, prejudices, culture, ethics and a lot of other subjects.

I teach both continuous classes and at workshops of shorter duration.

I know that some people attach very much importance to which teachers you had. I have had about 40 different teachers. Some of them are – in casual order:

Lena Kripa Henriksen (Denmark), Ninna Holbek (Denmark), Suraya Hilal (Egypt), Schereszade (Netherlands), Lillian Kingo (Denmark), Horrya (Turkey), Nesrina Topkapi (Turkey), Momo Kadous (Egypt), Yosri Sharif (USA), Raqia Hassan (Egypt), Amani (Libanon), Inge Majbrit Ravn Jensen (Denmark), Catarina Ruillet (France), Amira (USA), Sahra Saeda (USA/Egypt), Liz True (Denmark), Dorte Vester (Denmark), Ulla Petersen (Denmark), Wendy Bounaventura (Italy), Samasem (Sweden), Susanne Nielsen (Denmark), Lars Bo Kujahn (Denmark), Amoura (Israel), Leyla Haddad (Tunesia/Syria), Nadia Hamdi (Egypt), Leyla Jouvana (Yugoslavia/Germany), Mahmoud Reda (Egypt), Nermine Azzazy (Egypt), Sakti Rinek (USA), Fatima Serin (Turkey), Sina (Germany), Alitza (Greece/Germany), Jillina (USA), Helene Eriksen (USA/Germany), Magdy el- Leisy (Egypt/Germany), Azza el-Leisy (Germany).

I would like to accentuate ONE very special dancer and teacher: Ninna Holbek. She has had a very large influence on my development as a dancer. Through her I found MY style. Unfortunately this fantastic dancer does no longer  teach.


Another teacher who was very important to me was Nadia Hamdi. In a very short time she taught me a lot about my own stage appearance.


Last, but not least the worldfamous dancer, choreographer and teacher Mahmoud Reda, has ment a lot to me.


In addition to the dance lessons I have taken lessons in Drama and also participated in performances. For me it was special experience to participate in the new interpretation of the fairytale "The wild swans" by the danish author Hans Christian Andersen instructed by Inger Birkestrøm Juhl in Odense. In this performace I played the role of the good fairy - in this interpretation in the shape of an alien who came from space to help the princess to find the correct computer code to free her brothers from the spell of the evil stepmother.